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et soins chamaniques

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Medicine-woman and water missionary, 

Minthé belows to Walloon People,

and was adopted by


Grandmother Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf


who gave to her the 

« Warrior Woman Initiation » 

in the Apache Tradition.






After she heard it by 3 times in dreams, 

Oh Shinnah gave her as name :

« Hatch Oh Neh » 

(Standing Strong Woman).


As a  Warrior, she works for peace.


Minthé is an international speaker and teacher


She belows to the 

Water Carriers Tradition

and leads water ceremonies

which are for free and open to everyone



She is known as

"The Water Shaman"



Minthé avec les Aguas Unidas

Minthé got a certification as 

Shamanic Practioner

in initiatic shamanism, in the tradition offered by

Blue Eagle


She has a diploma in


(Shamanic Coaching)

and in

Sacred Breathwork

from Crows Nest Center for Shamanic Studies (USA)



Minthé works side by side since years with

Dr C. Michael Smith

(Mikkal), Ph D

Cherokee Psychologist

and Amrican healer (USA)






Minthé offers private consultations :


Water Talk 

aswell as

Shamanic coaching 


Shamanic healing 

and sessions of

 Sacred Breathwork




Reiki practionner and teacher

she also can help you with 

Osho Zen Tarot



* * *



She is the responsible person for french speaking edition of 

« Emoto Peace Project »

project created by Dr Emoto for children all over the world



Carte Postale "Je soutiens le Projet de Paix Emoto" (recto)


Since 2009, Minthé gathers the waters of all over the world  :

the Aguas Unidas



Cérémonie en connexion avec les Aguas Unidas - tous les 1ers du mois - partout dans le monde



She is the initiator of

« Aguas Unidas Project »

for bringing fresh water in Africa




Carte Postale "Je soutiens le Aguas Unidas Project pour l'eau en Afrique" (recto) -


Minthé created the non profit

« La Caravane des Sources »

(The wells's caravan)

for bringing teachings about water,

conferences, ceremonies free and open to everyone,

and to support different projects about water


She offers workshops like

initiation to water shamanism,

and leads many women circles

and an initiation for 

Water Carriers



* * *



Minthé created the

7 Directions Sacred Dance

and offers 

7 Sacred Directions School

a medicine wheal around the 7 directions

and an initiation to basic shamanism.



* * *



She also led the

8000 Sacred Drums Ceremony In France,

toke part to the 13 Grandmothers Council in Spain

aswel as International Meeting around Water 

in Zaragoza (2008),

led a meditation for peace  at the

1st « Women Spring » (2010),

organized and led the 

Ceremony for Atlantic Ocean (2010)

in Britanny in presence of Dr Masaru Emoto …, 

and led the opening ceremony for 

24 h meditation for seas and oceans

at Grand Rex in Paris (2016)



* * *



Since numerous years, every year, she is part of

The Shamanic Festival

in France



* * *



Minthé toke part to the movie (Loïc Sallet)

« Aquanime ».



DVD Aquanime


She is cowriter of

« Plumes de chamans »,

(Shaman's feathers)

at Guy Trédaniel – Véga Editions





Private consultations on appointment


Site : www.AguasUnidas.com 







For her private consultations  and shamanic healings

Minthé welcomes you on appointment

at her home in Ardèche, 

Valgorge (07110), south of France


when she travels all over Europa


Also, she offers individual consultations 

at distance

 on Skype (internet)


In Ardèche, an hôtel and also bed and breakfast

welcome you just close,

if you wish to rest  for a while

before to travel back home






Minthé is not a medical doctor, nor a psychologist.

She uses technics that she learned from 

Indigenous medicine men and women from different traditions.


Those consultations and healings are for your wellness

and personal development 


Water shamanism is practiced without use of any plants or drugs 

with respect of everyone's freedom

and doesn't replace conventional medicine.


You are invited

NOT to stop your medication or medical appointments.


Minthé is registered as "micro-entreprise" in France for her activities,

and delivers bills without tva (vat)

« TVA non applicable - article 293 B du CGI ».


Siret 790 531 594 000 14




* * *




Main Page (EN)








Plus d'infos :

More infos :




Qui est Minthé ?

Who is Minthé ? (EN) 





References (EN)




Les Aguas Unidas

The Aguas Unidas (EN)




Lieu de consultation

The place for consultations (EN)






* * *





Prendre un rendez-vous :

Take an appointment :










* * * 





Les consultations :

Consultations :





Water Talk

Water Talk (EN)


conversation avec l'eau

talk with water





Coaching chamanique

Shamanic Coaching (EN)


accompagnement personnalisé

individual coaching





Soin chamanique

Shamanic Healing (EN)


avec les Eaux Sacrées

with the Sacred Waters





Sacred Breathwork

Sacred Breathwork (EN)


Une cérémonie très puissante

en respiration et en musique

avec les Eaux Sacrées


a very powerfull ceremony

using breath and music

with the Sacred Waters





Lecture du Tarot Zen d'Osho

Zen Tarot (EN)


des réponses à vos questions existentielles

answers to your existential questions






Reiki (EN)


Soins et initiations

Healings and initiations





* * *





Le travail en groupe :

Work in group :





Sacred Breathwork

Sacred Breathwork (EN)


Une cérémonie très puissante

en respiration et en musique

avec les Eaux Sacrées


a very powerfull ceremony

using breath and music

with the Sacred Waters






* * *




Siret 790 531 594 00014



Tva non applicable, article 293 bis du CGI






* * *





Liens :

Links :





Le site général de Minthé

Minthé's main website (EN)


cérémonies, conférences

et activités diverses


ceremonies, conferences

and different activities





La boutique de Minthé

Minthé's shop (EN)


couvertures et ponchos en alpaca,

divers articles pour le chamanisme,

encens Invocation d'Aigle Bleu ...


alpaca ponchos and blankets,

different products for shamanism,

Blue Eagle Invocation incenses ...





La Caravane des Sources

The Well's Caravan (EN)


activités diverses autour de l'eau

stages - cérémonies

Emoto Peace Project

Projet Aguas Unidas en Afrique...


different activities around water

workshops - ceremonies

Emoto Peace Project

Aguas Unidas in Africa ...





* * *






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